About Us

Stl Fabrication is small company dedicated to exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Joey grew up around cars and the passion was instilled in him at a young age. In 2006 Joey started working in the HVAC industry, it is here where he was taught the basics of sheet metal fabrication and soon excelled in the industry. He has always applied himself 100% to whatever he would be doing and quality was always what he pushed for. Still working in the trade in 2016 he wanted to challenge him self and bought his first welder. He would spend his time out of work perfecting a skill that would soon change his path. The demand for his work grew rapidly and in 2018 he decided to walk away from the HVAC industry and open Stl Fabrication full time. Lacking hustle has never been an issue for Joey and with his natural talent to master anything he tries pushed him to hone many more skills that he could provide to his customers. He taught himself how to draw and cut parts on the plasma table, how to anodize titanium parts for a unique look, he even took on bead rolling and the list does not stop there.
Stl's vision is not to provide mass quantity parts but to provide quality one off custom parts and accessories for our customer's unique builds.